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mammajayjay-deactivated20130413 asked: "Prompt: Lilo, Quiet me. Bonus points for Louis calming Liam down :D"

“Well, but, it’s hardly fair, is it?” Liam demands, wishing he’d never cut his hair if only so he could yank on it right now. “We don’t - It’s not like we’ve done anything.”

Louis smiles and shakes his head. “No, but we might as well have done.” He grabs onto both of Liam’s hands, even though it’s not like Liam couldn’t get away. It does the trick; his shoulders sag and it looks like the fight has gone out of him.

“All the other boys are allowed to do whatever they want on their days off,” he mutters, sounding every bit like one of Louis’ sisters when she isn’t allowed dessert. Louis decides he won’t say that bit. “I don’t understand why we can’t go out and do something together anymore.”

“Because it’s bad to count your chickens before they hatch,” Louis replies, and this is odd, because it’s never him comforting Liam about the restrictions they have. It’s only ever been the other way around. Of course, Liam doesn’t ever do anything on his days off except run around town and do athletic things. They’ve taken away one of his privileges when he’s done nothing wrong. “And if we happen to severely screw each other up and ruin the band, then it’s best that no one ever find the real reasons why, isn’t it?”

“That won’t happen,” Liam pouts, staring at their interlocked fingers and swinging them to and fro.

“Of course it won’t. But they have to be careful, you know.” He stands on his toes and presses a kiss to the top of Liam’s head, and finally gets a smile in return. “Come on, then, we’ll do something around here.”

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