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mammajayjay-deactivated20130413 asked: "Last night, with the pairs thing, did you do Ziall? (I'm also not sure you did Narry but I'm personally more interested in Zayn and Niall)"

I did not do either of those ships, actually. :) I’ll just write about Ziall for now, though, because. I love my baby nandos, too.

This is for a different side of Zayn, really. This is for the one that smokes and gets tattoos inked into his skin, the one that can be seen as a bad influence and often is, whether he wants to or not, because that’s just what he appears to be. This one is for when Zayn has lost all hope in humanity and doesn’t want to find love anymore, doesn’t want anything past someone to keep his bed warm at night and tell him that he’s not crazy. And then find himself alone when he rolls over to see the sunrise through his grimy window.

This is for when Niall maybe doesn’t look for love, either, but it’s not because he’s given up on it. It’s because he’s young and careless, and if he wants to get so drunk that he won’t remember tonight come morning, then you can bet all the vodka in the bar that he will. This is for when he thinks that Zayn is too serious, too old for someone his age. It’s for when he tries to teach Zayn how to live again, how to be happy and carefree and enjoy the life he’s living, even when it’s pretty tough.

Ziall is for when one is dark and the other is light, and where one has ink the other has smooth pale, and they go back and forth trying to stain and clean each other until eventually they’re a smooth, even shade of something not quite clean and not quite filthy, something better than they ever were before.

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